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Curley Family Library main page: World History--topics from the Ancient World to the Renaissance

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Please check out the following entries from Great Lives from History

Archimedes Nebuchadnezzar
Boccaccio Plato
Geoffrey Chaucer Marco Polo
Cicero Pythagoras
Cleopatra Rembrandt
Confucius Willilam Shakespeare
Desiderius Erasmus King Tut
Genghis Khan Virgil

In addition the following links from GVRL may help you start your research:

Ancestor Worship (China)                                   

Battle of Marathon

Book of the Dead

Cave Art

Julian Calendar

The Leakeys and Olduvai Gorge

Machu Picchu



Plato's Republic


Rosetta Stone

Sumerian Gods and Goddesses

Virgil's Aeneid

The Yeti

Subject Guide