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Mythology  291 BUL
Mythology  291 LEE
The world of myth   291.13 LEE 
Heroes of Greece and Troy  292 GRE
Greek and Roman religion 292 HUS 
Goddesses, whores, wives, and slaves : women in classical antiquity   301.41 POM

City planning in ancient times   309.262 CUR
Greek and Roman folklore  398.042 HAL  
The ancient Greeks  398.2 SCH   
Greek and Roman science 509.38 WOR

Ancient Inventions  609 JAM
Greek biology and medicine  610.9 T

Art of the western world : from ancient Greece to post-modernism   709 COL 
Greek art, the basis of later European art  709.38 FAI
Ancient and modern Rome 711.409 LAN   
Architecture 722 BRO   
The Acropolis 722 HOP
Great sculpture of ancient Greece 733.3 DEV  
A history of western music 780 GRO  
Ancient Greek athletics 790.09495 MIL   
Theater  792.09 BUR 
Living theatre : a history 792.09 WIL   
An introduction to the Greek theatre  792.0938 ARN
A short introduction to the Ancient Greek theater  792.0938 LEY 
Athletics of the ancient world  796.09 GAR  
Sport in Greece and Rome  796.09 HAR  
Essentials of Greek and Roman classics; a guide to the humanities 880.3 REI  
Greek culture : the adventure of the human spirit  880.8 VON 
The Greek way 880.9 HAM    
The living past of Greece : a time-traveller's tour of historic and prehistoric places  913.38 BUR  
Modern traits in old Greek life 913.38 GUL   
The emergence of Greece 913.38 JOH   
The Greek world  913.38 LIN   
Everyday Things in Ancient Greece  913.38 QUE   
Prehistoric Greece 913.38 STU
Ten famous lives 920 PLU  
A Soaring spirit : timeFrame, 600-400 BC  930 ASO  
Great mysteries of vanished civilizations  930 GRE  
Ancient history 930.02 CHE   
The life of Greece 937 DUR  
Greek and Roman technology 937 WHI   
Handbook to life in Ancient Greece 938 Adk   
Ancient and medieval warfare   938 ANC   
Ancient Greece : an illustrated history 938 ANC
Discovering the world of the ancient Greeks 938 ARC  
Classical Greece   938 BOW   
The Greek experience 938 BOW   
The Greeks   938 BUR   
The ancient Greeks : in the land of the Gods  938 DES   
The world of the Greeks  938 DUR   
The Horizon concise history of Greece 938 ELI   
The search for Ancient Greece   938 ETI 
The classical Greeks 938 GRA  
The Greeks   938 GRA  
The rise of the Greeks  938 GRA  
The Horizon book of ancient Greece  938 HAL 
Ancient Greece 938 JON   
The family in classical Greece  938 LAC 
Daily life in the time of Homer   938 MIR  
Ancient Athens   938 NAR
Life in ancient Greece  938 NAR  
The trial of Socrates  938 NAR   
Growing up in ancient Greece938 PUR   
Life in Greece in ancient times  938 WER   
The ancient historians  938.007 GRA  
The battle of Marathon 938.03 NAR   
What life was like at the dawn of democracy 938.5 WHA   
The Parthenon of ancient Greece  945.05 NAR   
Reference Books
Civilization of the ancient Mediterranean : Greece and RomeREF 938 CIV
Encyclopedia of the ancient Greek world REF 938 ENC  
Ancient Greece and Rome : an encyclopedia for students REF 938 MOU   
The Oxford history of the classical world REF 938 OXF