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Curley Family Library main page: The six wives of Henry VIII

The Assignment

You will work in your assigned groups to create a research presentation that fulfills the following requirements:

  • You must utilize three or more sites from this page to develop an educational presentation for the entire class on  the wife assigned to you.
  • You must use presentation software to make a 5 minute presentation on your topic to the class on her. The presentation must answer the general questions outlined below as specifically as possible.
  • You must develop informational handouts on your topic for the rest of the class. These handouts might be summary bullets, maps, diagrams, etc.
  • You must create a concrete, real world example or template of some aspect of the research topic chosen. For example, if your group is looking into Catherine of Aragon, photographs of where she grew up would be helpful.

General Research Questions

      1. What is the background of your wife? Where is she from? Who are her parents?

      2. What kind of upbringing did she have?

      3. How did she come to Henry’s attention?

      4. How old was she when she married Henry?

      5. What were her accomplishments?

      6. How did she die?

      7. What 10 points are most important to know about your wife?

      8. What is her personality like?

    9. What two things were most surprising to learn about your wife?

Subject Guide

Six wives of Henry VIII