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Curley Family Library main page: Constitutionalism and Federalism in the US

From GVRL--Articles of Confederation and the Constitution

How to get the Noodletools template

  1. Go to this link:
  2. When you click on the link, you will will be prompted to enter their NoodleTools Personal ID  which is your Gradeconnect ID and copy the project to youraccount. After NoodleTools confirms it has been copied, you should close this window and log into their NoodleTools account. You  will find a copy of your project on their My Projects page. 
  3. Rename your copy by doing the following on the far right hand side you will see options, (see diagram below). Pull downthe menu and you will be able to rename your copy with YOUR name and the TITLE of the paper.  After you do this.  Open the project by clicking on it and share it with Ms Crouse. Instructions on how to share appear below the link labelled share my project with my teacher.  It says show me how.

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